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 Fun weekend of tinkering for me!

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woldskool crew

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PostSubject: Fun weekend of tinkering for me!   Sun Feb 24, 2008 1:07 am

So next weekend, I shall mostly be....

1. putting a new engine bay seal in the beetle as ours is falling apart. it's ok in the cold but any other time and the leaky pushrod tubes (see 2,) are causing oil fumes to enter the car,

2. fitting 2 new pushrod tubes to the r/h cylinders.

3. rebuilding the carb as the engine will be out.

4. fitting an alternator kit,

5. popping a new clutch release bearing in as dad buggered the current one taking the beetle for a swim in the floods last summer!

so of course now i'm royally skint. the service parts are gonna cost me less coz I'll get mum to get them from the garage (revesby) she works at.

so if anyone wants to come and laff as me, dad, a mates dad and the dog fanny about with it your more than welcome lol.

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woldskool crew

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PostSubject: Re: Fun weekend of tinkering for me!   Sun Feb 24, 2008 1:09 am

thanks jim for using my pc and not logging out!!!!!

In case you didn't guess, that post was supposed to be by me....

So later on i shall mostly be killing jim until he dies from it!!!!!!!

Rolling Eyes

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Fun weekend of tinkering for me!
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