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The Management

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PostSubject: ENOUGHS ENOUGH!   Sun Oct 04, 2009 1:09 am

If u are only coming on here to hurl abuse,give it large,gob off at people,diss projects or generally cause bad feeling then its time to either change ure ways for the good of the site or go! simple as,there are plenty of other forums that u can frequent but this site is not standing for no more nonesense. we have lost members due to the silly arguements,constant snidey comments,slaggin off,picking on people who just want to use the site for what it is,vw audi group now with added german force. if we are not what u are looking for then by all means leave,i dont want to have to say all this but u leave me no choice, it seems like u want the site to get deleted so please,if u have something constructive to say then by all means feel free,if not then dont bother. people have put alot into the site and me personally i feel like ive been let down in a large way. some people do have valid points,we organised monthly meets,as everyone wanted them,but now were doing badly,shows have been poor turnouts but yet we all wanted to do them,tried to arrange convoys,to get left behind,someone spent time organising the weekender,for no one to show,how u think anyones gonna show out for stuff if no one makes the effort,supposed to be happy go dubbers not all out warfare.so like i said if its not for u then thanks for stopping by! no 1 is bigger than the site or whats best for it!

rover wrx!!! poppin in now n again,no dub n crap net dont help!
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woldskool crew

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PostSubject: Re: ENOUGHS ENOUGH!   Sun Oct 04, 2009 5:09 am

Make tea not war.(herbal)
But yeh as for the poor turns out on my behalf all the shows in the summer i had planned on going to i couldn't because my car was off the road. Bring on the summer i say.
Put all the sh*t behind you that you might have had and just stay clear of the people you hate. It will make it a much nicer forum and atmosphere.
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