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 Convoi Rulez

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PostSubject: Convoi Rulez   Tue Mar 10, 2009 2:41 am

Planning the route

* Allow at least an extra 30mins or so for each meet-up point. You'll be surprised at how long it takes for everyone to turn up, go to the loo, refuel, eat a 12 9 day old sandwich, etc.
* Plan rest and refuel breaks in advance so if anyone does get a bit lost they know where to head to and meet up again. Unless they are so off course they could never get there in time... but could at least report in and attempt to get back on track at the next stop.
* Sensible distance refuelling stops should prevent anyone having to stop alone at a garage then driving like maniacs to catch up again.
* Try to avoid rush-hour Wink

General tips

* Make sure you've got a few people that know where they're going. Ideally, not just the guy at the front... if you don't know exactly where you're going then at least have a vague idea in case you get lost!
* Get as many people's numbers as you can before you set off... or at least the numbers of the people that know where they're going
* Don't panic! Don't dive into spaces, jump lights and other silly things just because you're in a convoy. People will wait and you can always catch them up/call them.
* Don't follow the car in front too closely - the only thing worse than a bent Corrado is a convoy of bent Corrados...
* If the person in front indicates, indicate too so that the person behind you can see the signal too
* If you're overtaking, stay out for as long as you safely can and keep indicating. It will help the people behind to overtake as well as they can see that the road ahead is clear, even if they can't see the road itself. Please don't completely rely on the person in front though - keep an eye out on what's going on and make sure you leave enough space to get back in if you need to.
* If you can also have someone else that knows where they're going as a sweeper at the back, that helps keep people together too. Ideally the guy at the back should be in one of the faster cars so they can keep up.
* If you've got some walkie talkies, they're always good fun to use
* Better yet, get someone to ride with you for company/ogling/goofing around with/picking silly music

Tips for the leader

* The lead person should ideally be someone in one of the slower cars as you don't want them (often unintentionally) disappearing off into the distance.
* Plan ahead - it's amazing how much time and space you need to get a convoy of cars into another lane or off at a junction. Try and keep the size of your convoy in your head when changing lanes and more importantly turning off at junctions. Make sure you leave ample time for the guys behind to get over safely. Similarly, don't jump lights and dive out of junctions where there's room for only one car.
* If you're getting off at a junction, indicate waaaay in advance so the message gets down the convoy and everyone knows what's going on. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if you're just pulling over to the inside lane, or actually indicating to turn off. If you indicate a long way ahead, they know they do need to actually get over and off.
* Try and get a spotter with you who can keep an eye on the convoy and/or answer your phone/call someone if they get lost.
* Don't nail it. If you've just buried your foot into the carpet, every car behind has to go a little bit quicker to catch up. The whole convoy will then get strung out and the poor schmuck at the back will stand no chance of catching you.

not just us then,someone took the time to sort out a genuine guide on the corrado forum! makes sense to me! Wink

rover wrx!!! poppin in now n again,no dub n crap net dont help!

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Convoi Rulez
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